Taurus Taurus Compatibility - Taurus Man and Taurus Woman

Zodiac sign Taurus represents consistency, dependability as well as commitment and when two Taurus meet together these attributes will come into display. Usually Taurus is extremely dedicated in nature and they love nature and all beauties in the world. Both the partners will look for serene locations that are surrounded with calm beauties of nature for a perfect date. In a relationship between two Tauruses the chances of compatibility is substantially high. The reasons for such result are that they share identical personality traits. Similarities in their personalities make it much easier for them to build up high levels of compatibility.


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At the same time Taurus is stubborn and inflexible in nature and this could bring up major problems in the love match. Since both are of the same nature, each will stick to his or her respective opinion and this may cost them the domestic harmony. However, with a little bit of adjustments, these problems will be eliminated and the relationship will flourish. One major problem in the relationship is that neither of the partners is prone to adventurers and is stable in nature that could make the relationship monotonous.

Financially both will be good match since they are cautious and neither will indulge in any extravagancy whether it is a Taurus man or Taurus woman. One negative side of this is that the excitement levels would be rather low though it could be compensated by warmth of the relationship and resultant comforts the partners would share. Another problem that would occasionally crop up is that Taurus could become jealous and possessive at times but the extreme loyalties they have will sort out such problems rather easily.

Yet each of the partners should learn to control their stubbornness and give away a little ground to each other from time to time shelving their rigidity. In such case the partnership will be one of the best on the earth. With both the partners having a down to earth approach, the relationship has great chances of success. It can easily lead to association to lifestyle as well as more adventurous types. Of course, there is always the danger of each of them becoming jealous and possessive but since both are cautious the troubles can be averted. Downside of the relationship is that the relationship might become stale due to the stable, conservative and down to earth association of both partners.

Since both of them lack in dynamic initiatives developing a cozy and comfortable relationship will be too difficult. An interesting feature is that the partners take love and sex just as a matter of fact and once the sexual confrontation is over they calmly go back to their daily routines. More than anything else, it is the performance of the traditional that give them immense pleasure and they will seldom walk out of the set patterns of their lives.

Since both the partners will be resolute and not giving an inch to the other on most occasion, the relationship could easily go bitter. Both are fixed personalities and will always remain with things that are tried and tested and will never opt for something non conventional and out of the beaten track. This is also one of the greatest downsides in their relationship.

While their fixed nature can create an unbreakable bond between the two, they will also have to be on their heels all the time or else they could both become too intransigent for words. Overcoming the obstinate and obdurate aspects of their nature is the greatest hurdle they usually face and a lot of adjustment on both sides can do the trick. It is only sex that can transform the Taurus and take his or her breath away. When sex comes with loyalty, sensuality and deep love, it is the best in the world.

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